News From The Chair

From the Chair  July 2018

For those who were unable to be at the General Meeting on Friday 13 July I am honoured to have been elected as Chairman of our Society until our AGM next January.

I want to say a very special thank you to Simon Wager who has done the job for the past 3 ½ years, and has given so much of his time and expertise to us.  It has not always been an easy time for him, but following the General Meeting when a full, frank discussion was had, we have the chance to look forward now, and I hope all of us will do all we can to put the past behind us and get on with the job of keeping our club a happy, enjoyable place to be.

We were sorry to lose Graham Jones as our Treasurer also. He has been in post since our AGM in January, but gave his reasons for leaving the post at the GM last week.  Our thanks to Graham for his work to date, and we are sorry to lose him.  His place is taken by Ashley Edwards who was proposed, seconded and elected unopposed.

Your committee meets next week and from the General Meeting was given the mandate to authorise the expenditure of £500 towards the completion of the club house (Part Legacy from Peter Logsdon), and the expenditure of £1,000 towards forming a hard roadway and parking to the steaming bays (Part Legacy from Peter Logsdon, and £500 Special Donation from “Silvercrest Models” made specifically for roadworks).  Both mandates were overwhelmingly approved.

Sunday public running continues well, especially with the weather we’ve been having, and the refreshments and the shop are also helping to swell the coffers. A big thank you to those who are involved, especially the ladies.  I hope they enjoyed the Ladies afternoon when we were able to make them sit down for once and serve them cream teas, bubbly, and strawberries.

Our membership has increased recently and now stands at 69.  It’s pleasing to see that this includes some new Youth and Junior Members.

Roger Flower