News From The Chair

“From the Chair February 2020

The AGM and the following General Meeting at the end of January was well attended and was a useful and happy event.  The Committee was re-elected en bloc, though sadly our Secretary Mike Barnard resigned from his office due to medical and personal reasons.  Words of thanks were expressed to him for his hard work over the past few years, and for his incredible knowledge of Company Law and all things Constitutional and Legal regarding our Society.  Thanks were also expressed to his wife Di who has been our minutes recorder among so many other things. We wish them well and hope for continued improvement health-wise. 

Our new secretary is Ken Bussell, a fairly new member, but one who has thrown himself wholeheartedly into the club and together with his other half Angela, has been a regular helper, driver, and so much more on Public Running and other days. We are grateful to him for taking on the role of Secretary, and I hope we will our do our best to help and support him.

At the first meeting of the committee this month, we co-opted Clive Wilton to join us, another newer member, but again one who is not afraid of hard work and has done so much with the working parties each Thursday and with Sunday running. 

Last year saw a successful Halloween Evening, with a large number of families joining us.  Also the Santa Special Day on the weekend before Christmas which was completely sold out very quickly and which raised a record amount for our funds.  Thank you to the many who organised and helped out at those.

We also enjoyed a Rally in the summer for members and others who have a Silvercrest model loco.  Owners from over the country came and were able to share stories and experiences, and also see some of the latest models.  We are hosting one again this year on 4 July, and everyone is welcome.

The construction of the new 7 ¼ track around the perimeter of our site has progressed amazingly I think, and we hope to have a section of track ready for Easter.  A huge vote of thanks to those who have braved the elements to give so much hard work and expertise to make this possible. 

I wish all our members, and all our faithful Sunday visitors a good and Happy New year.  If you know of any members and/or wives etc who are not well, or in need in any way please let me know so that we can be in contact.

I hope to see everyone down at the track at some time in this year.  And there are lots of jobs, big and small that need doing. Please respond to RSVP requests for help, particularly for Public Running on Sundays and for Thursday working parties.  There is always lots of good banter and talk of things engineering and you will always be welcomed. 

With kind regards and best wishes.

Roger Flower