News From The Chair

“From the Chair January 2019

The great achievements have been the firstly the completion of the clubhouse and also the roadway in to the site.  The roadway is a great improvement, as last winter cars were getting stuck in the boggy ground and churning up the grassed area.  We are also in process of making the picnic area by the signal box a more attractive place to sit and eat. Thank you to the stalwart band of members who have done so much to achieve these projects already.

Halloween and the Santa Train were very successful events in 2018, with the latter raising £752 for our funds, so a big thank you to those who helped with the events, or brought locos.  Special thanks to Santa himself.

At our AGM and General Meeting on 23 rd January 2019 we looked to our next project which is the provision of a 7 ¼ “ gauge ground level track round the outside of our site.  This will necessitate some changes and improvements to our steaming bays as well. We won’t be able to do it all at once, but we will progress as funds allow.  Several of our members have the larger 7 ¼ “ locos, and others are building one of them.

We look forward to our Public Running days beginning at Easter and going through to the end of October each Sunday from 2.00 – 4.30, and to some social events for members and families at various times through the year.

Wearing my hat as Membership Secretary, please do let me know of any of our Members or wives and partners who may be ill or in need so that we can send good wishes or visit if appropriate.

With kind regards

Roger Flower